It is a pleasure to write a letter of recommendation for Mr

It is a pleasure to write a letter of recommendation for Mr. Bhanu Prakash Panwar for postgraduate studies at your esteemed university. I have known him for past 3 years as an undergraduate student of Mechanical Engineering at this institution. I had taught him the subject of Engineering Mechanics and Fluid Mechanics. On behalf of my observation, I found him very sincere, responsible and dedicated to his coursework. He has interacted very closely with me and I am satisfied with the level of proficiency achieved by him in the subject I have taught him.
Mr. Bhanu Prakash Panwar is quite ambitious and career driven. I can attest that he is sincere, hardworking and a good team player with an optimistic drive to reach his goals. He is very interactive in the class and always initiates the discussions with cogency and natural ease. Blessed with eminent analytical abilities and a precise sense of reasoning he can analyze enigmatic problems exceptionally well and come out with the good formulation. I was touched by the boy’s devotion to the subject and his alertness to improvise on whatever skills he has in his capabilities.
The most impressive fact about Mr. Bhanu Prakash Panwar is that he always acts and performs with full confidence and motivates others as well. Not just theoretically but practically he always kept himself updated by playing a role in different workshops and internships. He has flairs for keeping himself abreast with latest developments in technology.
Keeping in view all the above stated facts I could say that he is an asset for any institution. I strongly recommend him for the admission in your venerated university. I am confident that he will not only continue to be a promising and competitive student but would also capable of efficiently discharging his duties. I wish him all the best in his future endeavors.