Tom and Daisy lived a life of carelessness

Tom and Daisy lived a life of carelessness. They were careless with their own relationship, their money, and had no mind to how they treated others. Daisy played with Gatsby’s affections, all while knowing she’d never leave her husband; Tom used Myrtle and couldn’t have cared less how his actions affected her husband, whom he knew and liked.

When Nick calls Tom and Daisy reckless it signifies that he understands their true spirits. They aren’t people to look up to or envy,

Daisy and Tom are careless because they affect the lives of the other characters without considering the consequences of their actions. For example, Tom engages in an affair with Myrtle, a comparatively lower-class woman, and he allows Myrtle to believe that he would, at some point, leave Daisy for her. In reality, however, Tom never has this intention. We know this because Tom competes with Gatsby later on in the novel, a fact indicating his