Death Row Records

Death Row Records, a Successful Label Lead By an Avaricious Man
Music has evolved greatly over the centuries. Different genres have been made thanks to the mixing of different sounds and rhythms. Much of today’s music is Hip-Hop which has not decreased in popularity since its rise in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s. Hip-Hop had not been as predominant back then though a new type of genre came from Hip-Hop called “Gangsta Rap”. The group known as N.W.A started this new style that helped “convey the violence of living in the ghetto”(McConnell, Veronica Bruce, Article). Although this genre of music was becoming so mainstream”little of it was making its way back to the art-ists” (Jeffrey St. Claire, Article). Death Row Records was one of many labels who stole millions from its artist. This enormous and fast growing music label lead by Marion “Suge” Knight stole millions from its artists who became famous. Not many people asked how they got the money to start their company nor what they did with the money that was supposed to be for the artists. This avaricious man had lead his company to its downfall thanks to his involvements with the police and crime related incidents.