Bentley Motors limited was founded by W

Bentley Motors limited was founded by W.O. Bentley in 1919. British luxury automaker is located in Crewe, England and wholly owned by Volkswagen AG since 1998. The major activities of Bentley motors are designing, manufacturing, engineering of luxury motors.
The marketing strategy of Bentley Motors had been so formulated that the company sells the models of the automobiles through the franchised dealer all over the world. This company had been producing the motors which are considered to be the luxury motors in the global market. The strategic management of the company makes the company to successfully market the models of the cars all over the world.

Steps in writing a marketing plan
The first step in developing marketing plan is to determine why potential customers would come you. It means clearly find out the key behind a customer choosing you instead of a competitor. Next step is to identify target customers as well as those competitors that target your customers. Finally, need to have a clear idea of what makes your company better than other companies. Now that we have gathered our data collection it’s time to create a small marketing plan.
1. Situation analysis – SWOT analysis including a strength, weakness, opportunity, and threat
2. Description of the target audience
3. Measurable marketing goals- directly address what you want, for example, income growth by 5%
4. Strategies and tactics that you will use to achieve them
5. Last but not least set the marketing budget