1.3 The Equality Act 2010 was made to offer legal protection to people with one or more protected characteristics, which are:
-gender reassignment
-marriage and civil partnership
-pregnancy and maternity
-religion or belief
-sexual orientation
As a teacher I ensure that every learner is treated equal and fair no matter age, gender, race, sexual orientation, religion, disability,
Diversity means to recognise and respect these differences to create an all-inclusive environment.

As a teacher I have to create a perfect environment for the learners, therefore everyone can participate and reach their full potential. And to promote that individual characteristics make people unique and not different in a negative way.

I must treat the staff and the learners equal and fair, to promote multiculturalism and to plan lessons that reflect the diversity of the learners and to avoid stereotypes in examples. As well to make sure that everyone has equal access to opportunities and participation and that learning materials don’t discriminate against anyone.

During the lesson it can be used a large of variety of assessments methods and ensuring that policies and procedures don’t discriminate against anyone.