Inputs, Processing and Outputs of UPS’s package tracking systems include the scan able bar-coded label, (DIAD) Delivery Information Acquisition Device, bar code devices. UPS drivers automatically capture customers’ signatures along with pickup, delivery, and time-card information. The drivers place the DIAD into their truck’s vehicle adapter, an information- transmitting device that is connected to the cellular telephone network. Package tracking information is then transmitted to UPS’s computer network for storage and processing in UPS’s main computers in various locations in the US. From there, the information can be accessed worldwide to provide proof of delivery to the customer or to respond to customer queries. Through its automated package tracking system, UPS can keep track of packages throughout the delivery process. At different points along the route, the bar code devices sends information then is fed into the central computer. The people who are shipping packages can access the UPS website to track packages, check delivery roots, calculate shipping rates, and determine time in