In order for a freshman to be successful in high school they must do their work

In order for a freshman to be successful in high school they must do their work, study and pay attention in all classes. You always want to be organized, make sure that you turn in all of your assignments on time ,be nice to your teacher, don’t be a class clown, do all projects/ assignments, don’t skip that can affect your grade and don’t be on your phone all of the time when you can be doing your work.
Freshmen’s in high school you will want to have a scheduled time every day to do homework. It is also good to do your homework or assignments ahead of time, that way if you have other stuff to do, you will already have it done. It is important to be organized, on-time, and up to date with school. In order to be successful in high school, you have to be ready to work hard and get along well with others. If you want to be successful in high school it comes with a lot of patience and motivation as well.
You would want to get involve in school activities. School activities helps you to meet people that have similar interests to yours. Helps you work with others, respect and work with one another. Joining a club or school activities helps you learn the importance of planning and prioritizing. People who participate in school activity are more likely to succeed in school.
In conclusion being successful in high school takes effort from everyone. Good effort, a good attitude and being prepared are three ways to help you succeed in high school.