In my view

In my view, all relationships demand care and understanding. We carry a various method to share our views and thoughts with others. The classification of communication method is verbal and nonverbal communication. It doesn’t necessary that we communicate each and every thought of us will be on a verbal mode. For an example, if we are in a classroom set up it is very difficult to communicate with children who are on the other side of the room. In those scenarios, we use nonverbal communication as a tool to disseminate things of our interest (1). Listening plays a vital role in nurturing relationship and communication. It is important that we need to send the signal to the child or young people (by nodding your head) that you are listening and interested in their conversation. It builds a confidence among them that in turn helps us to maintain a positive relationship with the child.(1)
Body language is also important while communicating otherwise, it might be misunderstood. Using simple sentences and repeat the key points will help the children to understand things better. We can also tell the child to repeat what we have told them to recheck their understanding. Sometimes, we also deal with the children, young people or adult who have difficulty in communicating with others. It is important to pay attention to them and follow the basics to ensure our communications are clear to them (2). Children who are in Key stage 1 will tend to get scared of communicating with the teaching assistant or a teacher .They are new to the setup and possibly will take time for them to get adjusted to the new classroom environment. Sense of humour is also a key to establish contact and communication with anyone easily.(1)