Can you imagine living under someone’s control

Can you imagine living under someone’s control, unable to do or say anything. Similar to an overprotective parent who controls what you eat, what you wear, and limits your freedom. This was the case for the colonists. In the 1700s, conflicts broke out between Great Britain and her subjects the colonists. This conflicts soon turned violent and caused a war between the two sides. While some may argue that Britain had more to fight for such as staying in power and keep the crowd in control, the colonists had more to fight for. The had to fight for freedom, equality, and to prevent bankruptcy. In order to obtain all these things they had to fight.

Some people may argue that the colonists had freedom under British rule, they did not have such freedom. The British imposed the Proclamation of 1763 on the colonists. This prevented the colonists from being able to build west of the Appalachian mountains. Many people were forced to leave their homes and lost some of their wealth as well. Additionally,