– RECOMMENDATIONS: – One zone that tesla should base on are the supercharging stations organize. As per supercharging tracker Tesla included around 1373 supercharging stations all through numerous nations since its begin which are less when contrasted with gas stations.. How about we clear up this with a model by putting some light on amounts of corner stores versus number of supercharging stations in the United states. There are around 168,000 service stations in joined states and number of supercharging stations are roughly 571 which conversely with corner stores are extraordinarily less to adapt up to the solicitations of tesla customers. In ask for to vanquish issue of charging tesla should start assembling all the more supercharging stations
– Secondly, As Tesla is growing fastly locally in a couple of countries it should in like manner not miss the chance to grow internationally among each and every other country. As doubtlessly saw from pie graph larger piece of supercharging stations are in UNITED STATES.so with the ultimate objective to contionously cut a strength in auto industry tesla should center around growing more superstations in various nations . With the end goal to make tesla to continue continuing being a favored stock in money related expert s psyce.

– As tesla introduced the roadster in 2003 they made a stamp for themselves in the business by putting the other supercar adventures as a test. On tesla 20 recognition they should exhibit a broad assortment of electronic super bicycles which are more effecient in all ways and accordingly can set standard in superbike industry with the end goal to continue with surviving being a favored stock in examiners mind.
– In the interim, it is essential to determine an immense favored point of view Tesla Supercharger Stations have over administration stations as tesla doesn’t charge its clients any cash for charging their vehicles at superstations.one thing tesla can do in future is that it should start searching for relationship with other electric vehicles secures with the true objectives to reduce their cost.