Milwaukee, like most American cities, does not have a tenants’ union. Larraine dropped out of school in the tenth grade. She had two little girls. After her sweetheart passed on in jail, Larraine said her whole life fell into a hole fell into a gap and she hasn’t possessed the capacity to get out from that point onward. Larraine paid a seventy-seven percentage of her salary in a lease at the College Mobile Home Park. Larraine did not have a family she could request help, and her minister trusted her hardship was self-delivered. Hispanic and African American neighborhoods were focused by the subprime loaning industry and individuals were tricked into purchasing awful home loans. Mortgage holders were urged to renegotiate under unsafe terms. In the vicinity of 2007 and 2011, the normal white family encountered an 11% decrease in riches. The normal dark family lost thirty-one percentages of their riches and the normal Hispanic family lost frothy four percentages.