Lonna Tracy Intro to College Writing September 28

Lonna Tracy
Intro to College Writing
September 28, 2018
Teenagers’ and Tattoos
Even though parents think the reason teenagers get tattoos is to rebel against their authority figures, most use their body to express themselves. People get tattoos to express meaning in the form of art using their bodies as the platform. Tattoos are set to tell a story that may be harder for adolescents to speak of.

Younger adults bottle their feelings up and some express through art. Whether its visually on paper or using their own bodies as a platform. Tattoos to them tell a story. I have met people from all walks of life that their tattoos show meaning of their days in the army down to their days in the prison system.
There are so many options besides permanent ink. Different types of tattoos are readily available at any time from permanent to hemp art. Wanting and waiting is better than wanting and regretting. There are reasons why one should have to wait until they are 18 and considered an adult or must have parental consent. Getting tattoos takes time and research to make sure that what you are getting is something you are willing to live with for the rest of your life.
Although there are options for tattoo removal, the prices for them are way beyond the amount spent on the tattoos themselves. More the reason why parents tend to be harsher with letting their children get tattoos. Older generation look at younger adolescents with tattoos as if they were rebellious kids just crying out for help. Overall tattoos aren’t for everyone it is way to individualize oneself and tell their story through art.

Lonna Tracy
Intro to College Writing
September 29, 2018
Men’s Magazines vs Women’s
Society has this fake persona on how women should look like and realistically everyone has flaws. Men’s magazines are often about triumph and climbing the ladder to success. Whereas women’s magazines are veered more to body shaming because readers are more drawn to the quick fixes. The “how to lose 10 lbs. in a week’ articles and male readers lean towards how to catch the bigger fish, the ladder to success at your fingertips type of readings.

Nowadays society has drawn out and embedded in everyone’s mind what a “perfect” woman is supposed to look like but, it’s a whole different world. Picking up that gossip magazine in line at a check out because there was a new fad diet or a new anti-aging cream for woman. There’s hardly ever any front-page topics on how to get rid of the receding hair line because no one is drawn to it.
Often the articles that are seen for men are about building and better your careers or the perfect sports package readily available. We live in a very biased world which leaves women wanting to look more like this and less like that. Body shaming is real. Depression and anxiety is at an all-time high because woman is always on the lookout for the next big thing.