Existing Harmoniously

Existing Harmoniously

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This paper addresses the opposing argument revolving around taming and the domestication of animals. I will challenge that taming a ?wild? animals is not a choice that we as humans made but rather a biological occurrence within nature. I will also focus on the importance of Zoo?s in our culture. The relevant information for this paper came from books, newspapers, journals and zoo reports.

Existing Harmoniously
?Man dominates the earth by the very fact of domesticating animals, rearing them and obtaining from them the food and clothing he needs, and by the fact of being able to extract various natural resources from the earth and the seas.?
John Kistler People Promoting and People Opposing Animal Rights

Reading the article ?The Way We Live Now: Wild Thing? by the Charles Siebert I began to ponder the significance of the domestication of animals. The article challenges the notion that by taming ?wild animals? there are consequences that can erupt from doing so. Charles Sibert article was written in reaction to the events surrounding the mauling of Roy [Siegfried and Roy] by their 7 year-old white Siberian tiger Montecore. Siebert states that the attack of Montecore was an ?act entirely in character,? and due to this

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