School Vouchers

School Vouchers
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What is a School Voucher:

Rather than allocate tax dollars to school districts, school vouchers
allocate tax dollars to individuals for the express purpose of
purchasing education. The general principles of a voucher system are
as follows: (1) The government issues vouchers with a specified
monetary value directly to individuals or families which may be used
to pay for education. (2) The family or individual selects the school
and uses the voucher as payment for the educational services. (3) The
school exchanges all vouchers it collects in order to receive funds
from the government.

Vouchers enable families at all income levels to become consumers of
education. Regardless of where a family lives, it may use vouchers to
buy education in any school, public or private. Access to a good
public school is no longer determined by ones ability to purchase a
home. Low income families gain the necessary purchasing power to
attend the private or public school of their choice.

Who Supports School Vouchers
Minority families are among the strongest supporters of school
vouchers. According to a Harris Poll commissioned by Business Week,
69% of the general public and 85% of minorities supported school
vouchers. Perhaps the strong minority support stems from the fact that
most voucher systems in operation today direct benefits to low income
families which are disproportionately minority.


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