School District Policy

School District Policy

Leon County School District Policy

The absentee rule that has been applied to the school district by Leon County is questionable. It is understood that this rule is in effect however not accepted by some if not many, which the policy recognizes. Even the conference that can be held to appeal a failing grade may also bring forth difficulty for the parent. Through Leon county?s policy students can be suppressed from progressing in there education, which in turns jeopardizes there future as an model citizen in society. A survey of five students and five parents brought forth concerning thoughts for students that apply to the policy.
A mother of two that was first surveyed felt the policy was appropriate. She argued that the policy is in place to demonstrate future situations, particularly at jobs and the real world. She believed strongly that any student that is absent for that amount of time with no excuse should be giving a failing grade. She went on to say ?Not only is the policy a good idea but it is a perfect example of what students should realize as a rule which to abide by.? The second of the surveyed a single parent had

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