The Installation Of A New System And Its Future Users

The Installation Of A New System And Its Future Users

Topical Assignment
The installation of a new system and its future users

The implementation of a new system environment in an organization is very complex and time consuming. When systems analyst design and implement a new system they are looking to improve the current system already in place. Users that have already been trained in the old system, may not look forward to learning a new system. Some users may fear losing their jobs with a complex system. This fear can come from downsizing because of the new system running with fewer employees. Others may fear that they may not be able to learn the new system well enough to perform their job. To alleviate some tensions or concerns, an organization may present the users with effective ways to become familiar with their new system.
One way to help users learn their new system is preparing user documentation. Written or visual information about an application system, how it works, and how to use it. The quality of this documentation should be well enough for users to follow. This documentation can be geared toward the system?s functionality and tasks the system

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