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The progress of transport industry is inevitable and undeniable. What is under controversy is whether the volume of traffic is growing at an alarming rate. To be frank, we are in high favor that we are well aware of the traffic problem.
In our point of view, a possible cause of the problem is that we lack the infrastructure construction. Also the overpopulation is the cause of this problem, especially in China. Although the growth of the transport is rapid, it still can not meet the increasing needs of people. Furthermore, people abuse the private cars to take public transport instead, which caused more cars put into use. Lastly, individuals are also responsible for this problem. People are lacking in consciousness and awareness for traffic situation in order. Sometimes, people drive after drinking, which causes more traffic accidents.
The solution, we think, is for government to inject more funds into the construction of infrastructure, increase more construction, such as the restructuring of metro system, elevated ways, Pearl line, and superhighway. Also government should levy heavy tax on luxurious products, and encourage people to use bus service instead of private cars. To individuals, we may establish the family planning to

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