Bust Magazine

Bust Magazine

Communication and Popular Culture

BUST magazine is meant to be an alternative outlet for women who are sick of the images given to them in the more established and conventional women?s magazines.
BUST offers quite a different set of values than most young women?s magazines. BUST values the woman as an independent person that does not need to answer to the prescribed cultural values usually given to them. The woman who reads BUST is not getting advice on men or how to lose weight. She is reading about other women and issues related to women. BUST signifies women who are independent, young and sexually liberated.
BUST is a magazine that is targeted for younger women with an interest in feminism. The reader of BUST is more likely to be part of an underground subculture that the typical reader of the mainstream Cosmo or Glamour magazine. BUST tries to reach a crowd that is somewhat more into independent music, movies, film and politics than the average reader of typical women?s magazines are. BUST is targeted at women who most likely live in more urban areas and have at least some college education. The average reader is most

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