An Unexpected Arrival

An Unexpected Arrival

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An Unexpected Arrival

John lived in a peaceful town called Southquay. It was just another every-day coastal town in Southwest England with the smell of freshly cut grass and the sound of birds humming in the lush countryside. But every year, on the 10th of April the town has it?s own rally driving competition. This rally brought many people from around Britain and was all the talk in the local pub. Over the years it had risen to be famous and many great drivers were born from the Southquay rally. John wanted to be one of them.
John was a medium build man and was irresistible to women. Ever since he was a little kid he had dreamt about winning that race and going on to become the world champion. A perfect dream for a perfect man you might say. However recently he had had many money problems with his family and was hoping to resolve them with the cash he would get from winning the race.
?Can you pass us the spanner? said John in his monotone voice that he had got from years of loud engines blurting in his ears.
?Here you go.? said Alex.
John screwed in a nut that had come

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