The Enemy

The Enemy

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As I shared with my soul mate, the warmth and the romantic glow of the sturdy marbled fireplace, inhaling and luxuriate towards the pleasant scent discharged from her exquisite body, I vaguely recall the ironic story of how love developed between us. The story of a young male lawyer discovering his true love with his sworn enemy.
It began at a cafe; ?Starbucks? located in the busy heart of Sydney. In the misty early mornings of winter when all one want is a quite intimate time with his decaffeinated cappuccino with lots of chocolate powder on top and sometimes maybe a scone. As I approached the polished and spruced up counter of this famous cafe, I collided with a young lady in the queue, causing me to loose the race for the last warm creamy strawberry jam scone, from that second on; she was my sworn enemy. I didn?t know her name, nor did I know what she did, but in my vocabulary, ?one who made me loose a scone from Starbucks is definitely an evil human?. After enjoying just the delightful double decaffeinated cappuccino while catching up on the latest news with The Herald, I was due for work. Entering

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