The Best Thing

The Best Thing

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6:02 a.m., Saturday morning. It?s early but my eyes crack open slightly and I roll
underneath my covers. I stretch my arms and legs, making loud groans as my body
twists and turns. Half awake, my legs drag me to the window and I pull up the shades.
Blinded by the morning light, my fingers feel for the window locks and unlock them. As I
pull open the window the cold, winter air fills my room. I shiver, hugging myself to hold
in the warmth. My eyes finally adjust and a smile creeps across my face. Winter?s first
snow has arrived.
I take one last whiff of the morning air and shut my window gently. Everyone is
still sleeping, enjoying the comforting warmth of their beds. However, I am wide awake
and excited. Slowly, I strip off my pajamas and pull on a first layer of clothing. Heading
to the kitchen, I start my parents? coffee and slide a tray of biscuits into the oven. It
won?t be long before everyone is awake. Lightly tiptoeing to the closet and opening the
door soundlessly, I rummage through the mess. At last I spot the bag. All the way in the
back closet it sits and has been sitting since last winter. I notice

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