The Bell

The Bell

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The Bell.

Thursday I came to school, as I always have, to get my daily dose of information since in the T-days, (as The University of Houston?s vernacular would describe them), I get most of my education. Since in those days I take fourteen of my the eighteen hours, well that day I came to English class, as every other day, being the last one, one would expect not to pay attention at all but today was not the case, as we were going through class discussion as we normally do, Ms Garlick embraced class as she had done previously and addressed a poem written by one of her friends, this poem was about a little bell, the poem at first might seem futile for most people since when you read it, it does not seem to make any sense, yeah even though poems are supposed to be read, this one breaks away from the category of comprehensible poetry since it is more than what it seems, it has a concealed meaning, a meaning that cannot be found until it is thoroughly explained, well this gothic comp!
osition read like this;
The little deaf bell
Is full of

bell, felt, since, sound, just, came, thought, time, myself, little, poem, one, might, forgotten, didn?t, about, read, purpose, made, josh, fell, every, before, bees, because, though, suddenly, serve, sense, seemed, seem, ruins, reason, now, move

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