Original Writing-Money

Original Writing-Money

Original writing-MONEY

I could only imagine that there has always been some sort of currency. Money has taken many forms, from the gold and silver coin of the past to today?s sterling note.

Money is essentially the way in which the world trades but has spiralled into something much bigger. With great wealth comes a great social status and with a great power. This has been highlighted throughout history and can be seen today in the differences between the West and the developing countries. Whilst there are people lots of money, there are also people with little money this may be due to uneven distribution of wealth. Many non-for-profit charities help less developed countries. Yet, these charities can only do so much.

For me money is a way of obtaining the material things I want.

In todays media, there are many black artists that still rap and sing about how their ancestors were killed and enslaved for money. One of these artist is Kanye and in one of his releaseses he says ?they made us hate ourselves and love their wealth?. What he is saying here is that the colonialists? left a legacy of greed to the people they enslaved and made wealth and

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