Internal Analysis

Internal Analysis

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1. Mission and Objectives

The Revlon Company?s goal is to provide glamour, excitement and innovation to consumers through high quality products at affordable prices. Lately the company has been experiencing many challenges to their success. Some of these challenges are global economic problems, increasing competition, and debt concerns from within the company. Despite all of these challenges Revlon has seen some strong growth but have also been experiencing some strong challenges. Revlon has many different categories of which it sells products and they are skincare, cosmetics, personal care, fragrance, and professional products. Revlon has many recognizable names within these categories and the company?s ultimate goal is to emerge as the dominate cosmetics and personal care firm through the twenty-first century.

2. Current Corporate and Business Strategies

A. Corporate Strategies
Revlon?s believe is in individual values and the integrity of the firm and its actions. The company established a strong team of experienced managers that work to achieve leadership in the cosmetics and skincare industry. The company established the Revlon Learning Center and training programs to communicate its principles to employees. This helps ensure the company?s teamwork approach stays effective

I. Concentration / Related or Conglomerate Strategy
Revlon has

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