Border Crossing

Border Crossing

Border Crossing
By Monique Cuvelier

In this article, the author, Monique Cuvelier focuses on International business from an internet stand point. The article gives specific mentions of companies that expanded their profits and businesses through the use of the internet in other target markets outside the United States. Cuvelier gives the point of view of the people who actually witnessed how selling their products in other countries helped their businesses. What?s more is that Cuvelier proceeds to divide the article into two subsections that help the reader to understand how this works. The two subsections are: Exchange Issues Key to Success and Dealing with Difficulties.
The first thing that stood out about this particular article to me was the title. I figured that with a title such as Border Crossing that international marketing had to take place. But international marketing is not the only concept mentioned in the article. The article also involves some of the universal principles of marketing such as buying (importing), selling (exporting), and transportation. Indication of international businesses growth was also remaining through out the article. In my opinion, with out the key elements of international business growth,

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