Hydrolevel – Deontological

Hydrolevel – Deontological

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You are to formulate either a Deontological or a Teleological Rule (or both)-supply a statement your managers can live by. Explain and justify why you adopted the statements

All employers and in general the company as a whole should act according to the laws and regulations of the state. For example, M & M officials must not get involved in the ASME Committee or any other national committee that might be responsible for appointing Boiler Codes in the future.
Furthermore all actions taken should be moral, legitimate and ethical. However, we should not forget that one of the most important aims of the company is profit maximization and good reputation within the market. We as a company or members of a company should be ethical and reasonable, however, if the rest of the market in our field is unethical and does not comply with the rules and regulations we should then take action against that. We should handle every situation differently based on the seriousness of the situation and the consequences we will have to face because of the other parties.

?Teleological theories look at the consequences of the act and judge ethicality according to whether the ends justify the

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