Human Resource Management

Human Resource Management

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Human Resource Management and its importance to a business

?Human Resource Management is based on ideas and techniques developed to enhance worker motivation, productivity and performance?.
HRM includes the development of workforce within a team that contributes towards the businesss objectives. The role of HRM is to enable workers to contribute to their maximum efficiency towards the objectives of the business. In order to do that, a variety of functions are incorporated within the overall functions of the Human Resources Manager.
The objectives of Human Resource Management
As with all departments, the overall role of the Human Resource Department is to contribute towards the company objectives.
Human Resource Management functions
?· Human resources planning
This is concerned with getting the right people for the job, using them well and developing them in order to meet the goals of the organisation. In order for McDonalds to meet their aims successfully it is necessary for them to identify the means of using people in the most effective way possible. It is important for McDonalds to plan, as that way they can come up with any problems that may occur, for example with recruitment, and then they are able to come up with solutions.

?· Recruitment and selection
Business recruit staff

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