Human Resource Management

Human Resource Management

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This semester I have been fortunate enough to learn about many interesting topics that deal with the issues of human resource management. Recently, I had the opportunity to read some articles that deal with the topic of sexual harassment in the human resource world. One article in particular that I found to be of interest is titled ?Feds back Minnesota staffers? complaint,? written by Norman Oder.
The article ?Feds back Minnesota staffers? complaint? is about twelve staffers at the Minneapolis Public Library who claim that exposure to a great deal of porn browsing by patrons constitutes a hostile environment at work. This is considered sexual harassment. The claims by the twelve staffers at the Minneapolis Public Library are supported by the federal Equal Employment Opportunity commission. A conciliation agreement that is nonbinding was proposed by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. The commission suggested to the library to pay all twelve employees a total of $75,000 each in damages. This comes to a grand total of $900,000.
The proposal is one that the library has no intentions

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