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Human Resource

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Case 2.1 Cybersurveillance: Big Brother is watching you!

Are you safe to trust Joe in marketing with the idea for a new project Many companies do not have to worry about this because they have Cybersurveillance. Meaning if Joe gets angry because his marketing proposal was denied, and decides to take the companies idea elsewhere his company will know immediately. Cybersurveillance is not just for such extreme cases, but often just used to root out employees who waste too much time surfing, sexual harassment, and to keep viruses out of the network. A highly controversial subject amongst large corporations is the issue of privacy and the Internet. The issue has been in the workplace for some time now, and it has become much more popular in the last decade. ?Although 80% of all organizations communicate and share business information via e-mail, only 36% have policies addressing proper e-mail usage? (Greengard). Some companies have gone to completely prohibiting computer usage for service to customers and business purposes. Another approach to the issues of cyberloafing and being perverted in the workplace is Cybersurveillance that lets the organization track every move an employee makes on their

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