Group Success

Group Success



According to the American Heritage Dictionary of American Language ?©, 4th edition copyright ?© by the Houghton Miflin company

A group is a number of individuals or things considered together because of similarities.

Another definition as defined by Organisational Behaviour ?©, 2nd edition BPP Publishing copyright ?© BPP Publishing Ltd.
A group is a collection of three or more individuals who perceives themselves as a group, possess a common fate, and communicate with one another over time to accomplish both personal and group goals.
As with the definitions we could imply that groups are formed in which members of it have a common purpose and goal, which is to work hand in hand making the job easier by aiding each other. Groups also promote understanding and cooperation within a certain area or field. Working in groups promotes a healthy corporate culture, which allows better relationship within the entire organisation.

What is the reason for forming the group
There are a lot of reasons why a group is being formed, it cannot only be organisational reason but it can also be personal reasons. As with the Student Councils- it?s main reason for being is to aid students in their daily school

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