Employee Motivation

Employee Motivation

Many managers in this day and age are asking the question, ?How can I motivate my employees? In this paper, I will explore significant factors that affect motivation level of employees and suggest actions that and organization can take in order to ensure a higher motivational level for its employees.
What managers need to realize, is that there is a difference between employee retention and employee motivation. The focus on retaining employees is to keep them on the job. But more importantly, the focus of employee motivation is to increase performance. As stated by Kulpa, Adorno & Zeder, P.A. (2001) :
In order to increase performance, management needs to set goals and then link the accomplishment of those goals with rewards of value. Money is a reward of value for many employees. Yet, there are as many employees who also have personal goals that have something to do with job performance and career development. Good supervision and motivation seek out personal goals and align them with the goals of the firm.

Pay and benefits can possibly contribute to a higher motivation level, but there still debate about the link

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