Cooperative Education And Its Experiences

Cooperative Education And Its Experiences


The Cooperative Education course resulted in a helpful amount of hands-on experience that will allow me to be productive in my career upon graduation. The hands-on experience with customers in the Insurance call center has improved my communication skills, PC skills, and human relation skills.

Answering several phone calls and providing over the phone assistance has put my communication skills to the ultimate test. Information had to be organized and relayed to customers for their understanding. More communication skills were developed in the everyday work environment while interacting with managers and other co-workers.

PC skills and Internet skills were developed also when working with customers frequently on troubleshooting their wireless handheld. Talking and resolving problems for customers required initiative to learn in a self-teaching mode with everyday work experience, instead of being walked through all problems, which is definitely expected on a real job.

Finally, human relation skills were developed. Interacting with customers and co-workers allowed the information about programs, and other tools that will help customers to be relayed for a better understanding.



A. Purpose

The aim of this report is to provide an in depth analysis about the experience

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