Consumer Behavior In Fast Food Industry

Consumer Behavior In Fast Food Industry

Many people believe that fast food synonymous with the American lifestyle and it originates from the US. However, much fast food is European in origin, with a considerable history. This fast food culture started in Bangladesh in the late eighties and became very popular.

Fast food affects a community in many aspects. It is mainly geared towards the younger end of the market. The preparation and service times are relatively quick in case of fast food. Fast food can be clearly distinguished from snack/confectionery items by its perishable nature.

Broad objective: To develop a consumer behavioral profile for the fast-food industry.
Specific objectives:
? To know briefly about the fast food industry.
? To identify the consumer characteristics of the fast food industry in Dhaka.
? The group influence regarding fast food.
? To identify the motivational factors that influences the fast food customers.
? To see the perception of consumers between any two fast food regions of Dhaka.
? To find the situational influences that affects the fast food buyers.
? To identify the evaluative criteria that the consumers use for selecting fast-food outlet.
? To construct a list of best fast food items in Dhaka City.

The research is exploratory in nature. The study mainly covers the customers of fast foods of Dhaka City.


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