Short Story

Short Story

As a younger naive child only a few years ago I used to think that I was much like a leaf, withstanding rain and the strongest of winds. I was invincible as did these beautiful leaves appear to me.

But time would come to change much as I would.

Life seemed so unbearable at times that I wanted to fall, to crack and just to give in to all around me. Why be strong I would remember then the leaf that swayed in the wind; not falling, not giving up. So I would press on and make through these times holding all my feelings of pain and anger deep inside but I was still standing that?s all that mattered. Well so it seemed….

Then one day it happened. Everyone was

much, just, leaves, fall, wrong, tree, times, strong, seemed, ran, make, leaf, couldn?t, beautiful, yourself, younger, yelling, years, withstanding, winds, wind, wanted, understand, unbearable, time, through, thought, think, things, that?s, telling, take, swayed, strongest, standing

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