I remember it like it was yesterday. It?s 1990. My dad and I are riding in his car. We are on our way to buy groceries at the local Safeway. I am going through this phase, where I am trying to notice things. So, when we pull up to the next stoplight, I start trying to notice the guy on the motorcycle next to us. He apparently doesn?t want to be noticed; especially by a peculiar nine year old, staring at him through the passenger window of a minivan. ?What are you looking at? he sneers at me. I turn around fast, and face the dashboard. ?Did he say something to you,? my dad asks, ?What did he say to you? ?Nothing uhhh..he didn?t say anything. It?s fine. Look green light,? I hurriedly reply. ?Tell me what he said. What did he say to you,? my dad grills me on. I stay silent. I think if I tell him what he said, he will get out of the car and kick his ass, which scares me and comforts me too.

You know how those savvy realtors tell us to bake a cake when potential

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