My ?Little? Adventure

There are many nerve-wrecking things that children do to their parents when they are very young. This story about my life is very true. When I was around two years old, I decided to ride my tricycle to Eat ?n Park.
It was a beautiful summer day in the Pittsburgh area. One morning, my grandfather, father, sister, brother and I went to breakfast at Eat ?n Park. I loved the food and the company of others that I decided to go back again. The next day, my grandfather had gone back down to the restaurant. My brother, sister, neighbor children and I were in the fenced off back yard playing. I found my tricycle in the front yard and I climbed the wired fence with my trike. I rode up Bayonne Road to the stop sign. When I reached the top of the hill, I made a left and went down Beechview Road to Crane Ave. I made a left down the hill on Crane

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