Throughout history there have been many different ways of relating to one another through communicating. One of the key ways is active listening. Through active listening a person can develop many skills in order to become a good communicator. The effective ways are positive attitude, listen patiently, empathize, and restate. Also managers play a role in active listening.
In effective communication, a person with a positive attitude should direct their attention and focus on the subject. Not relating to any other distractions around them. Mentally reviewing the material at hand for future reference. Next, listen patiently to another as they speak on the subject at hand. Accepting what they are saying and acknowledging with a gesture. Another effective way to listen is empathizing by understanding the person?s feelings and relate in some way. Paying close attention through making eye contact. Then restating the comments and concerns back. When the other person touches on a point you want to know more about, simply repeat his statement as a question. If the other person appears to want your viewpoint, be honest with them. Try to limit the expression of your views

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