Personal Goals

Personal Goals

My Personal Goals
Ten years ago I heard an expression, ?If you don?t have a plan, plan to fail?. Ten years later I was asked by my college professor to put my plan in writing. I thought to myself ?I don?t have a plan, will I fail or have I already failed? My answer was no! But without question, I have not accomplished all that I would have like to have accomplished by now. Therefore, I have come to realize that maybe I need to begin planning for life rather that for the next day. By planning for life I assume that I may begin to accomplish my over all goals much sooner than not having a plan.

Beginning to brainstorm my life long goals inspires me to focus on my wants and needs and allows me to concentrate on what is really important to me. Although I have many endeavors that are important to me, the concentration of this paper will be to focus on the more important goals, such as education, career, and spirituality.

My educational goals are long term yet attainable. My aggressive approach to obtaining a bachelor?s degree will be a

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