Leadership And Management

Leadership And Management


Management is a phenomenon that has yet to be figured out. There are millions upon millions of books, articles, journals and various other types of commentary on management. These range from information on planning, organizing, administering, monitoring, controlling, motivating, participating, and inspiring organizations in long and short-term. All of these terms not only refer to roles of a manager, but also a leader.
In today?s society with the increase in the global market and the rapid change in technology, it is extremely difficult for managers to perform all of the above functions, especially monitoring and controlling each employee. That is why leadership has become increasingly important within the motivational role. Leader and manager are terms that are synonymous, so there has become a focus on types of leadership depicted by theories, models and many other types of research.
This paper is based upon the belief that it is crucial to research further into the theories of leadership and the roles of management and leadership. These terms tend to be confusing due to the functions of the manager and the term ?leadership? as a conception, not a function. Management and leadership have different roles in various

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