Market Segment Options

Market Segment Options


The first step taken towards our market segment was to evaluate all market segment options. This is a very important step when collaborating a company. A company that has a well thought through, formatted decision process is more likely to succeed in the market. These options have been formatted into 4 major categories. The categories are geography factors, demography factors, social / culture factors and psychological factors. The characteristics of each category helped our company determine which components would benefit our company the most. When evaluating geographical factors urban cities and rural areas were the two main characteristics. Gender, age and race were characteristics of demography factors. Dread is a product that is suited to appeal to a certain lifestyle, evaluating social and cultural factors is very important. And this why the most attention was brought to evaluating the social and cultural factors.


After comparing each category characteristics with the style of our product, we?ve decided that our product will generate more profit in an urban setting. Dread apparel projects urban life and attitude, hence the reason we feel Dread would be more of a demand in

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