Monsanto Corporation
External Assessment Outline

Business Case

The Monsanto Company, headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri, is one of the leading providers of agricultural products and other solutions for the farmer that has grown to products with biotechnology traits. They are dedicated to providing high quality products through constantly innovating their technology. Reporting nearly $5.5 billion in sales for the year 2001, Monsanto continues to focus their attention on improving the future of food and farming in a safe and abundant manner. The company also operates under several different industries including plastics material and resin manufacturing, dried and dehydrated good manufacturing, flavoring syrup and concentrate manufacturing, inorganic chemical manufacturing, pesticides and other agricultural chemical manufacturing and pharmaceutical preparation manufacturing.
As a company made up of 14,500 employees in four primary regions of operation including Europe/Africa, Asia Pacific, Latin America and North America, they maintain a cultural environment that is team-based and focused on celebrating people. Under the leadership of Chief Executive Officer Hendrik Verfailllie, they work in a fast-paced environment where over $1 million a day is spent on research with the end result of their efforts constantly focused on the customer.
As a result of their innovative technology and intensive research, Monsanto

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