A Males Territory

A Males Territory

Hibbett Sports

From the moment that I walked into the doors of Hibbett Sports, until the moment I left, it was obvious that I was in a male?s domain. The clothes, equipment, organization, and even the employees were all screaming out masculinity. The lighting was poor, the colors were dark, and it smelled like a locker room. It was apparent that in this store the merchandise was meant for the male gender. I find this quite interesting given that women play sports equally as much as men do. Everything about this store was formed to fit the interest of men. It was completely different from that of a women?s store and because of this I felt a little uncomfortable during my two visits to this store.
The first sign that this store is male territory is through the smell of the store. The second that you walk into Hibbett Sports, you are knocked down by the stench of a locker room. Men like this smell because they can relate to it. They recall the times after their football, basketball, or baseball games. It reminds them of whatever memory that they may have

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