What I Think Of The New Beetle

What I Think Of The New Beetle

?Whats there to dislike about the New Beetle?
Its a car that makes people smile wherever it goes. It stands out like an orange life raft in a grey sea of auto-anonymity. Even if they dont immediately recognise the Beetle connection – and not everyone does – expressions of affectionate interest are instant and heartfelt.

Whats there to dislike about the New Beetle Almost everything. Its cartoonish design perhaps, which compromises its practicality in a way that the originals designer would surely never have countenanced. Or maybe the fact that its a profoundly ordinary car to drive.
But lets begin at the beginning… When Ferdinand Porsche sketched the outline of the Beetle in the 1930s he ignored existing conventions of small car engineering in an attempt to create something better than anyone had hitherto managed. He proceeded logically, step by step.
So successful was the car that it became the foundation of a company that is now one of the worlds five largest car-makers. Now comes the New Beetle, a retro design draped over parts that belong to the fourth generation Golf. This isnt design Ferdinand Porsche-style.
The Golf, as ever, has an in-line four cylinder engine at the front, driving the front

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