Ways To Get Fired

Ways To Get Fired

Ways to get fired
By: Khai Le

Getting fired can be everyone?s nightmare. Not everyone will get along with everyone. There are many reasons why employees lose their job. In some cases, it could be the fact the manager does not like the way you look. You could also be fired because of your fail to reach responsibilities. Or lack of communication with fellow employer, supervisor and customer.
There is always someone who judges a person by his or her appearance. In most cases, it is what we all call racism. In today society, we still have ignorant people who immediately assume someone is bad or good by there outside look. With that assumption, an employee could get fired, and we all know that is not right.
The most common reason why an employee could get discharged, is the fact the responsibilities that was assign to them, was never met. This could directly lead into argument with the manager. Usually the manager will quickly remove you, and replace you with someone who is capable of doing the work.
Communication is one of the strongest factors you have to have to be able to work,

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