Blue Love

Blue Love

The story begins:

As a boy he listened to the elders talk about it but never was able to hear the beginning of the story. He always caught the story in the middle. As he grew the boy learned that if he wanted to hear the whole story he would have to be quick to hear the story from the beginning, but to his fault he never was able to hear the whole story. He only heard the words “Blue Love” thus started his quest to find out what the story was about.
He started his quest in a place called Cordova, a small little town that began to grow with the comings of a people that knew only one thing, money. As the young man made his way out of Cordova he came across an old hag who was dressed quit dreadfully and proceeded to ask her the question, “What is Blue Love” The old hag started shouting and wailing for the man never to talk to her again and told him to stay away from her. This threw the young man aback for he did not know as to why this old

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