High School And College

High School And College

High School and College

There are many differences between college and high school as well as similarities. In fact one could go to the smallest of details and then all the way to the largest and most obvious of details. An example of difference would be the people and the diversity. Also another is just life in general between college and in high school. As for similarity, you could just say the atmosphere is very similar. But when you get down to it one of the most important would be the difference between sports in the two. You also have the level of responsibility in high school and the higher level in college. And one of most obvious would be the difference and similarities in school itself. Throughout this essay one should see many differences and similarities in high school and college in the areas of sports, responsibility, and school in general.

Throughout all four years of high school I played sports, soccer mostly. This is my first year at college in which I am currently playing soccer. There are not too many differences between soccer at the high school level and the college level. One difference would be the length

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