Friends With Cash

Friends With Cash

Friends with Cash

Looking back on the past I had never given much
thought to how close the people that I call my friends
are to me. One fateful night in my life unbeknownst
to me, I would see that my friends would do almost
anything within their ability for me. It all started
as my friend dean and I were driving down Mounds Road
in Anderson around two o?clock in the morning.
We had just left Steak ?n Shake after watching a
movie with some of our friends, and decided to head
back to Muncie before it was too late, for we both had
to wake up by eight the next morning. We had just
passed a cop on Mounds Road and were pulled over. Now
I was curious abouth why he had stopped me, because I
was not speeding nor was I intoxicated.
When the officer came up to the window he informed me
that my taillight was out and that he was going to
give me a warning as long as I fixed it the next day.
This was pretty relieving because it wasn?t going to
cost me a dime and I was not in any trouble. Then the
officer proceeded to inform me that all he had to do
was process

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