Big Journey

Big Journey

The Big Journey

It was the year 2056, Jonathan Burke, Sam Hiltz and I (Chris Landry) were setting up to go on the greatest expedition in the history of the world. We were going to travel to the centre of the earth. We had attempted the same thing about four year?s back, but due to some unfortunate incidences the expedition was postponed until another time. We had to find a new company to grant us some money, because the one that had originally planed to give us two million dollars backed out. Luckily we did just that, and now here we are today in good old Nova Scotia preparing ourselves for a week of excitement and adventure.
I had just finished packing everything in the car when I got a call from Jonathan, he said that the plane was waiting at the airport for me and we would be leaving in about twenty-five minutes. I told him that I was going to be a little late because I had to pick up Sam on the way. Forty-five minutes later I pulled up in Sam?s driveway, not a good way to start the trip. Sam was sitting

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