Discuss And Activity, Interest, Experience Or Achievement In

Discuss And Activity, Interest, Experience Or Achievement In Your Life That Has Meaning.

I walked through the open glass doors like the lonely kid, just like many times before. High school, it?s where my mother said I will meet my true life long friends the ones that will throw me surprise birthday parties and ease my broken heart when the then ?Mr. Right? broke up with me. I never had that, those girls you call to go to the mall with or giggle with about guys until I walked through those glass doors, the ones that looked wide open waiting for me to come to change my life in endless ways and to bring sunshine just one more hour longer took a big gasping breathe and had my first night at youth group. Walking through those doors I have meet three people who have changed my life in unthinkable ways, the ways of giggling on the phone till endless hours, baking

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