A young man asks to see the world, not just be scholar.

Goes to woods has Elijah dream
Goes to woodshop to get hands dirty

Daughter of rabbi no suitor has dream gets sick parents lezalzel it then have it calm her tell her bashert

Go find dude in workshop; try to convince; head tells him has to or fired

No choice; does it; when drawing the contract ask him who family is; find out great scholar; everyone happy except for dude; do it now; guy freaks; turns on heels to run off cuz about to raise up chupah; old poor man shows up makes raucus everyone notices drops a few things; goes up to him and whispers in ear; guy turns around radiant smile goes back great wedding; turn to feed old man; gone; realize Elijah prophet

Once a long time ago the legendary scholar the Ari had a brother in law who was a revered scholar in his own right. He and his wife had one son. The son was very studious and made everyone proud. But on the evening before his son?s Bar Mitzvah, the brother in law had a dream in which a frail old man

man, old, daughter, son, apprentice, dream, great, rabbi, marry, scholar, master, everyone, way, promise, one, night, even, before, workshop, wedding, out, must, let, go, father, chupah, world, turned, same, rabbi?s, now, never, know, just, groom, grew

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